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Lip Balmdiggity


(2 customer reviews)

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Ever seen a bumblebee with chapped lips? Aha! Didn’t think so. We’re no melittologists, but we’re pretty sure it has something to do with the soothing, hydrating power of beeswax. That’s why our Lip Balmdiggity blends beeswax with full-spectrum CBD extract and delicious vanilla.

You might notice that this container isn’t pure white. That’s because it’s made from post-consumer recycled resin. We’re always on the hunt for the most sustainable packaging options, and right now, we’re pretty sure this is the best bet that won’t leak or dissolve. Don’t eat the off-white snow, but do embrace the off-white packaging.

Who’s this for?


Let’s be real. You aren’t drinking as much water as you promised your mom you would. Your lips are getting dry and sad. Get some lip balm. And for goodness sake, buy a filter straw.


The wind! It burns! Get yourself some lip relief, stat. But, um, maybe don’t put it on while kitesurfing? That seems hazardous.


Cold air means chapped lips. Chapped lips mean sad you. Sad you means you may start rethinking your passion for snowshoeing. Get lip balm-ed up before it’s too late.


There’s not actually anything treadmill specific about this product, but we assume you’re a sad shell of a runner after being forced on the treadmill. This lip balm smells like freshly baked cookies, so consider it a pick-me-up.


Look, everyone enjoys the outdoors in their own way. Maybe your way is to climb tall mountains and sing a little song. The point is, that’s a recipe for dry lips, and there’s no need to suffer.

2 reviews for Lip Balmdiggity

  1. Sarah Trela-Hoskins

    It is great lip balm. Not sure what the benefits of CBD in lip balm is but my lips sure are soft. An idea-give the balm SPF

  2. Erin D.

    Love it! It has a wonderful scent like red velvet cake and leaves the most wonderful smooth and long lasting feeling on my lips. This is my new favorite lip balm!

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