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How do I use the Hooked on Tonics?

For starters, a reassurance—there’s not a wrong way to take a CBD tincture. There’s no risk of taking too much CBD or overdosing. Many people have to experiment a bit until they find their perfect personal dosage, and that’s great! But if you’re just getting started and you’d like more guidance, we recommend 20 mg of CBD. Our tincture has roughly 2000 mg of CBD in the whole bottle.

When you get your Hooked on Tonics bottle, take a look at the dropper. You’ll see markings along the side of the glass dropper to help you measure an exact dose. If you fill the dropper to the 1 mL mark, that’s 40 mg of CBD. If you want 20 mg of CBD, fill the dropper to the 0.5 mL mark.

You can squirt the dropper directly into your mouth or into a glass. If you’re not keen on the flavor, mix it with another drink—coffee, a milkshake, whatever strikes your fancy. If you want to absorb the tincture extra quickly, squirt the dropper under your tongue (this is called “sublingual application”) and let it sit there for a few seconds before you swallow.

Your body will probably take between twenty minutes and an hour to absorb the tincture.

How do I use the Lip Balmdiggity?

Just like a normal lip balm!

There is no risk of overdosing or using too much. If you’re worried about ingesting CBD by licking your lips, let us assuage your fears. First of all, even if you ate the entire tube of lip balm (we know it smells good, but please don’t), that would only amount to 50 mg of CBD—about the size of one hearty dose of tincture. Second of all, since CBD isn’t psychoactive, you don’t need to worry about feeling high or out of control. Thirdsies, when people worry about swallowing lip balm, they’re usually concerned about UV-blocking sunscreen ingredients, which our lip balms don’t contain. Our lip balms are made of familiar ingredients you could find in a kitchen. A fancy kitchen with really cool plant oils, but still.

You can reapply your Lip Balmdiggity as often as you’d like.

If you’re worried about your product crystalizing or melting, keep it sitting upright and out of the hot sun. It’s not going to melt at room temperature, but if you keep any lip balm on the floor of a 100-degree car, it’s going to get squishy. If you realize you’ve accidentally melted your lip balm, just put it upright somewhere cool. It’ll be back to normal in no time.

How do I use the Koalaty Balm?

For starters, keep it away from Kevin the Koala. But that’s a given.

Once there are no koalas in sight, you’ll want to open your jar. If you’re having trouble with the lid, push down and turn—it’s child resistant.

Once you’ve got the lid off, scoop a bit of balm out with your finger and put it… well, wherever you’d like. Really. If you have an area of your body that’s bothering you—achy fingers, blisters, sore muscles—you can try it there, but there’s also no harm in using it across your whole body. You should be able to rub it in a bit, but don’t be surprised if your skin stays a bit balmy. Our Koalaty Balm is designed for maximum staying power, and the longer it stays on your skin before soaking in or getting rubbed off, the better your moisture retention. You can reapply as often as you’d like.

If you’re worried about using too much or too little, just use however much normal, non-CBD lotion or balm you might use. You can adjust from there once you get a feel for it!

How do I use the Rubber Duck Bait?

Start filling up your bathtub with water (or whatever fluid you most enjoy bathing in). Take the lid off your tube of Rubber Duck Bait. We recommend using half a tube per bath. You can pour the powder into the lid to measure out a half-tube dose. Use your hand to stir the water (or fluid of choice) and hop on in.

You’ll probably want to stay put for at least fifteen minutes to give all that CBD a chance to sit on your skin. Feel free to stay put as long as you’d like, though.

These are our recommendations, but there’s no wrong way to do this. If you want, you can use a whole tube at once. You can actually use seven or eight tubes at once. That would be neat.

How sustainable is your packaging?

As sustainable as we can make it but never quite sustainable enough to make us happy. The bright side is that new, more sustainable packaging innovation is going on all the time, and we’re always on the hunt for the best options. If you know of any awesome, sustainable packaging options, please reach out—we’d love to hear your ideas.

Our Koalaty Balm is packaged in a jar made of 78% recycled glass. The lid is made of 100% ocean-bound and reclaimed ocean plastic. When you’ve finished your Koalaty Balm, you can recycle both the jar and the lid.

The Rubber Duck Bait is packaged in a cardboard tube. It’s fully recyclable. Soaking salts tend to be packaged in plastic bags (which tend not to be recyclable), plastic jars (which are usually recyclable but are, you know, plastic), or glass jars (which are great to recycle but heavy to ship). We decided a cardboard tube was the best balance between sturdy, lightweight, and likely to be recycled.

We package the Lip Balmdiggity in 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled content). You may notice little black speckles on the container—that’s because the plastic is recycled. We figured black speckles were a good trade-off for not creating new plastic. The question of whether or not you can recycle these tubes, frustratingly, is not as straightforward as we would like. Most recycling centers accept #5 plastic, but the machinery can struggle to sort something as small as a lip balm tube—or worse, a lip balm cap. Your best bet is to reuse your tube as a discreet cash storage unit, a sewing kit, or a salt shaker for your next camping trip. You can also contact your local recycling center and ask if they accept lip balm tubes. Depending on your area, you may also have a local #5 plastic drop-off area, likely at a grocery store.

Our Hooked On Tonics tinctures are packaged in glass bottles with glass droppers and rubber bulbs. We’re currently in the process of migrating to recycled glass. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any better options for the bulbs (but if you are, let us know). When you’re done with your tincture, gently separate the glass dropper from the rest of the lid. Careful not to let it shatter—it’s delicate. You can recycle the bottle and the dropper in your glass recycling. The rest of the lid and bulb, you should throw in the trash. As always, it’s worth reaching out to your local recycling center and asking. They might be ahead of the times and able to accept all of these materials.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us here.

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